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Black Is the New Green: African Americans at the Forefront of Virtual Currencies

Black Is the New Green: African Americans at the Forefront of Virtual Currencies

Black is the new green. Which is to say, African American entrepreneurs are some of the most influential actors in an economy that is as dynamic, domestically, as it is dominant, globally; that is as disruptive, in terms of lowering costs, as it is decisive, in terms of how companies do business; that is as remunerative, regardless of race, as it is rewarding, with regard to winning the race to make the promise of tomorrow a reality today.

In the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-integrated technology, African Americans are, myself included, innovators and entrepreneurs. We are leaders of merit, whose meritorious achievements speak to our intelligence. You can hear us speak, in Las Vegas and elsewhere, about how the blockchain can enhance efficiency, expand choice, and effectuate lasting change for retailers and consumers alike.

You can hear us speak, as hosts or guests, on some of the most popular programs about these subjects. You can hear us speak, too, with enthusiasm; where our excitement is genuine and our energy is grand, because the goodness we seek to accomplish is inseparable from the goods we encourage merchants to sell; where the resources we provide make the distribution of goods and services easier to track and deliver.

To project this image in Las Vegas is a gift. The greater gift is to be in a capital city, so to speak, where the virtual capital of cryptocurrencies appeals to people throughout the globe. To have investors from Asia and the Americas, as well as Russia and the Middle East, come to Las Vegas––to have them meet African American entrepreneurs who are the founders or CEOs of lucrative companies––is to transform the image not only of “Sin City,” but also of many of our most authentic Americans. 

To see African Americans present themselves as experts about finance and technology, to see them command a stage and captivate an audience, to see them––at the Las Vegas Convention Center or at conferences inside hotels along the Strip––is to see the faces not of the best within the black community, but the best of any community in America. That fact alone can do more to inspire African Americans to start their own businesses than any ad or speech.

Rudy Brathwaite

My advice to readers is simple: Explore Las Vegas. Meet the men and women who aspire to change the world for the better by, in my case, making it easier for small and mid-sized companies to bring their products to market. Talk to the investors and innovators. Talk to the risk-takers who bet not on games of chance, but who stake their claim to disrupting business as usual. Talk to them––let them talk to you––about how cryptocurrencies and blockchain-integrated solutions represent a triumph for transparency and a huge advance on behalf of corporate responsibility. Talk to them about your interest in this subject, so they can help you master this material.

Come, then, to Las Vegas. Come here to be present at the creation of something radical in its complexity, remarkable in its security, and rich in its returns––both personal and professional––as we expand freedom and opportunity, at home and abroad.

Rudy Brathwaite
Rudy Brathwaite is the Co-Founder and CIO of SupplyBloc, Inc. He brings more than 20 years of logistics and supply chain technology solutions to his engagements. He focuses on serving the logistical needs of clients, which require blockchain technology, transportation management systems, and other supply chain solutions.
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