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Working Hard and Smart: Economics and the Electorate

Maurice HenryI started an interesting book by Edward D. Baptist titled, “The Half Has Never Been Told- Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism”. The author makes some very interesting points, but a couple points really caught my attention.

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Simple Tasks for Preventing Discrimination in the Workplace

David WalkerDiscrimination. It’s a human quality. Some have it; others despise it. In the workplace, it can be a source of power for the cruel, or a weakness which the subservient are subjected to on a daily basis. Every workplace is different, but the most productive workplace is one where discrimination is minimized.

Detecting it is one thing. Taking action against it is another- nobler task. It requires education on the topic, and can reap rewards, including a more positive vibe and higher efficiency in the work setting. Here are some tips for facilitating a reduction in prejudice in the workplace.

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2015 Black Perspective Out Today!

2015 Black Perspective CoverThe 2015 edition of the Black Perspective is out now. Inside we cover how Rose Harper runs her own golf course for women and people of color, an introspective on whether racism is truly over or not just because Obama is president, other rich (but not necessarily famous) African-Americans, and Swiss bank Credit Suisse's program to help African-Americans build wealth.

Check it out today, either on your computer or mobile device!

Martin Luther King Day Message

Martin Luther King Jr.I’ve sent this note out every year for the past several years and do so again because it is timeless. Perhaps it is my advanced years but every year I am struck by the fact that many folks may not appreciate the significance of this particular holiday – or perhaps are not old enough to have lived through these times. Please take a minute to read this over and pass it on if you like.

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