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Erase the Fear: My Experiences with Citizens Academies

Citizens AcademiesWhile our great country has thick societal scars, we have created landmark legislation in a generation that has had profound impact on the lives of a segment of the population. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was one of those landmark legislative accomplishments.

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“It is What it is – Dad."

Maurice HenryI had a conversation with my young teenage son reflecting on the 1960’s and the Black Panther movement.  He asked me what I knew about it since growing up very young in the South side of Chicago and remembering the Panther movement.  He also was very perplexed that the core mission that drove the creation of Black Panther Party for Self Defense was the ongoing conflict between Law Enforcement and community, which is the same conflict that the Black Lives Matter movement is focusing on today. 

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2016 Black Perspective Out Today!

2016 Black Perspective CoverThe 2016 edition of the Black Perspective is out now. Inside we interview Kali Evans-Raoul of The Image Studios on success; the best time to identify yourself as a diversity candidate during a job hunt; the ten best companies for African-Americans in 2016; and a look into how CODE2040 is bringing people of color to Silicon Valley.

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Just Be A Man About It Friday, January 8, 2016, the Obama Administration hosted its first ever "White House Dialogue on Men's Health." The event featured U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy and White House Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Broderick Johnson. Over 200 men and women with expertise in fatherhood programs, medicine, education, social services, and policy attended the forum to share their perspectives on how to keep men healthy.

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