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Welcome our newest contributor: Terry Jackson

Dr. Terry JacksonDr. Terry Jackson is a highly accomplished, experienced and dynamic Certified Executive Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Life Coach, Sales Trainer, Business Coach and Consultant. Terry’s passion and purpose is helping others improve their quality of life.

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Issues of Color: The Dreadlocked Black Man

As black men, we have to frequently debunk the negative connotation of a chosen hairstyle based on cultural heritage (commonly a stereotype placed on a vast growing population); a hairstyle alone should not be associated with criminal inheritance, although media mundanely portrays men of color as thugs and criminals.

As men of optimism and hopefulness, we strongly believe social justice is imperative to a more harmonious hierarchy...

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Aspirations Of The Entrepreneur

Michelle ThornhillResearch suggests that African Americans are more likely than the general population to have small business aspirations. But I’m sure this is no surprise to you! Many of us grew up with dreams of “being our own boss” and becoming the next neighborhood success story. Owning a successful business can be a realistic goal for many, but it requires dedication, preparation, discipline and knowledge.

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Passion for Travel: Exploring the World Within Your Budget

Michelle ThornhillMy first trip out of the U.S. spawned my passion for travel. At 17, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Finland as part of the Youth for Understanding program. While I’d traveled to Disney World and lots of other road trips growing up, my trip to Finland was not only my first time traveling abroad but also my very first time on an airplane.

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