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Multicultural Millennials Rock!

DJ Beverly BondI want to start this post by shouting out game-changer, philanthropist, pioneer, role model and friend DJ Beverly Bond (@BEVERLYBOND)! Beverly is the founder of Black Girls Rock (@BLACKGIRLSROCK), which is a nonprofit youth empowerment and mentoring organization for young women of color.

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African Americans and American Gun Culture

Blacks and GunsStefan B. Tahmassebi of the George Mason Civil Rights Law Journal indicated that the first recorded law restricting African Americans from owning guns was in Virginia in 1640. A century later, the 27 words of the 2nd Amendment made it clear that the people have the right to keep and bear arms.  However, those 27 words are subject to interpretation. 

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Which America Are We Living In?

Maurice HenryThere has been intense chatter about Black-on-Black crime in response to the reaction of the George Zimmerman verdict in Sanford, FL.  The most used example is the uptick in “gang related” homicides in Chicago.  It is very easy to deflect from the larger points as to why it is happening. 

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Makes Me Wanna Holler Too

Make Me Wanna Holler, by Marcus KwameI remember reading Nathan McCall’s Make’s Me Wanna Holler for the first time back in 1998 and how it made me feel. The book chronicles the author’s story as a Young Black Man in America transforming from a life of crime to being a respected journalist at The Washington Post. McCall did an excellent job of shining light on the role that race and race-relations played throughout his journey.

I’ve read the book a few more times since my first read but it’s been a few years since I’ve last read it. Each time I’ve read the book, I was able to take something different away from it. This was obviously due to the growth, maturity and new life experiences that I was able to factor into my perspective with each reading. Recent events in our society have sparked those emotions from 1998 to resurface. When I think of Trayvon Martin, the gang violence in Chicago, the recidivism rate of young black males in America and a host of other economic and political issues, it all makes me wanna holler too!

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