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Welcome our newest contributor: Maurice Henry

Maurice HenryMaurice Henry is a blogger for Positive Directions (MIA) Minorities In Action. Positiv Directions aims to highlight the incredible accomplishments made by minorities and delve into how they contribute to America. Read on for his first article...

Too often, negative images capture the spotlight.   During Black History month 2013, I posted on Facebook Inventions by African Americans every day of the month.  These inventions were sourced from an incredible book by @Raymond B. Webster, African American Firsts in Science & Technology.  The feedback that I received from my American, British, French, Latin American, Singaporean, and Indian friends were very encouraging. It highlighted how overlooked the incredible odds that individuals powered through to get patents soon after Slavery. 

When you hear about these accomplishments under those circumstances, you quickly realize that there isn't any excuse to accomplishing your goals if you dedicate yourself to achieving them.  They can be achieved if you develop a  "no matter what" mind set. I hope to interview Mr. Webster and share his inspiration for publishing such an incredible book.

We can counter this negative imagery and give readers facts, success stories and encouragement to continue reshaping and positively contributing to society.  Whether it is in Science, Finance, Global Business, Engineering, Academia, etc., we want to provide a forum that individuals can congregate around every month to explore contributions that they all but a few are not aware of.  You will witness contributions of the past and present that are rarely picked up by the Media.  Minorities are successful in more than just Entertainment and Professional Sports.

Consider that in 1753, an African American scientist, Benjamin Banneker constructed the first clock in the United States.  It was hand carved out of wood and was reported to have kept time for 40 years.  What are the odds of this invention occurring during a more turbulent time? Especially since the Emancipation Proclamation did not happen until 1863!

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