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Goodbye, Mr. President

President ObamaEvery four or eight years, a new President is inaugurated and the existing President exits the White House. But this particular year, it wasn't just any president exiting the White House, but the first African-American president of our United States - Barack Hussein Obama II.

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You Can Thank Me Now: Reflections on President Obama's Legacy

Barack ObamaThe closer it gets to January 20th, 2017 the more I find myself able to truly process the gravity of what has been occurring. For the last eight years, myself and other millennials have gotten the privilege of seeing an African American family in the White House, which is the embodiment of the “American Dream.”

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Are You A Victim of Economic Discrimination?

African-American PovertyIn recent years, our awareness about workplace discrimination has grown considerably. We are aware that our employers cannot and should not discriminate against us on the basis of our gender, our ethnic origin, our religion or our age, and we react accordingly.

However many of us are also victims of additional discrimination that is less widely reported, and which people don’t always understand or consider to be discrimination: economic discrimination remains rife in America.

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The Dark Side of Integration in Education

Diversity Integration in EducationThere was the overt racism, which I saw frequently enough. A white parent once came to a school board meeting, stationed himself in the front row of the audience section and asked how the racial distribution of students was made in classrooms (mentioned in the New York Times). 

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