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Hip Hop Artist & Professor Join Forces to Battle Difficult Job Market

Timid and Dr. ChiagourisNew York, NY-October 17, 2011 - Hip-hop artist Timid has created a unique and encouraging music video titled, I Want the Secret, in conjunction with the critically acclaimed book, The Secret To Getting A Job After College: Marketing Tactics to Turn Degrees into Dollars, from Pace University professor and branding expert Dr. Larry Chiagouris.

The message is clear in Timid's lyrics and in the book: Excel in school, but be aware that good grades are not enough to succeed in today's competitive job market. Know your value and do not be afraid to stand apart from the majority. It is your individuality---your unique perspective and your specific skills that you will share with the world that will bring you the greatest success.

Although they have different styles of delivering their message, the message is still the same.

Dr. Chiagouris says, "I wanted to find another individual who had a definitive message and who was making a positive difference in this world. I found this in the hip-hop artist Timid. I saw Timid's video the Inferno and I immediately wanted to work with him. The message hits hard with its break down of the monotonous trap that society expects one to fall into and how he will not accept it. Timid breaks free by following the fire within and exceeds societal expectations. I found his message to be in tune with what I was expressing through The Secret to Getting a Job After College and the collaboration began. I asked Timid to take the concepts of the book and write lyrics that reflect the challenges graduates confront when seeking to make a difference in the world. This is how I Want the Secret was born. "

Check Out the Video & Lyrics to I Want The Secret here: http://www.TheSecretToGettingAJobAfterCollege.Com/timidvideo

About the Book

The Secret to Getting a Job after College, is an easy to follow guide for all majors to help launch careers in any job market. In just four chapters, readers will learn tips and tactics to attract the attention of an employer and win the competition with other candidates to get the job they desire.

For further information on The Secret To Getting A Job After College please visit:

About the Author

Dr. Larry Chiagouris is known as "a Branding Guru", an "All-Star Marketing Strategist", and "a Consumer Behavior Expert" by the media. His opinions on modern marketing practice have appeared in hundreds of media outlets throughout the world, including The Today Show, Fox News, and The Wall Street Journal.

For further information on the author please visit

About Timid

Timid has received an immensely positive reception on a number of the major Hip-Hop websites and has received radio play in Florida, Africa, Canada, and Japan. His stage stops are from New York to Tokyo and television and radio appearances from Washington DC to Australia. Timid has shared the stage with artists such as Travis Barker & DJ AM and Warren G. He has worked along with Hip Hop veterans like Mikey D (Mikey D & The LA. Posse/Main Source), Granddaddy IU, Edo G, Lin Que (X-Clan, MC Lyte) and Domingo. He has done features and production on releases distributed by legendary Hip-Hop label Rawkus Records and Japan's Handcuts Records.

For further info on the artist please visit :

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