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5 Meeting Mistakes that Make You Look Like a Rookie

Arranging Your Business MeetingMeetings and conferences are an integral part of the corporate work culture. From discussing bottom lines to evaluating corporate strategies, employees attend meetings for various reasons. However, organizing team meetings is no simple task and often meetings turn out to be boring, time-consuming and unproductive affairs. To ensure that the meeting you organize goes as planned, you must prepare in advance and avoid the common mistakes team managers tend to make.

Here are 5 meeting mistakes that make you look like a rookie.

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How To Turn Around Long-Term Unemployment

UnemployedIf you’ve been out of a job for more than a year, one big thing could turn it around

It would be an understatement to say that the economy is in terrible shape.  Statistically, it would be worse, except for the millions who have simply given up and walked away from full time employment.   I have close friends who are brilliant, but haven’t worked in more than two years.  I happen to live and work in Hollywood - an economy built on “freelance” talent.  But even there, those who haven’t had a job in years are perceived as unemployable. 

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DIY Credit Repair

Road to Good Credit

Due to the current economic situation credit is now being granted with the highest qualifying criterion that we have seen in decades. And because society is becoming increasingly dependent on using credit to make purchases; as well as employers using the ratings to make employment decisions it is up to you to make sure that your credit is in and remains in good standing.

Before we begin let’s...

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How to Ask Management for Help Without Feeling Guilty

Communicating With Your ManagerBeing new to a job, or not fully experience in a specific task is often an embarrassing situation. Even though your manager has gone through the trouble of making sure that you’re completely trained, it’s not uncommon for some things to slip, and it’s quite simple for you to forget even the slightest process.

Unfortunately, asking management for help leads to a severe feeling of guilt, which leaves you with no real comfortable way to ask. Here are a few ways to live up to the problem you’re having and ask management for help without feeling guilty.

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10 Ways to Overcome Workplace Procrastination

Put Off ProcrastinationEveryone has one form of procrastination or another. The worst place for procrastination to happen is easily the workplace. With several people depending on one person to get something done, procrastination slows down the process as a whole and delays your company’s ability to make good on certain deliverables in the promised amount of time that you’ve set aside for your project.

If procrastination seems to be running rampant in your office, here are 10 ways to overcome the issue before it becomes a problem in your workplace.

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