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Impress Your Boss

Impress your bossBeing on good terms with your boss is essential for you to enjoy your work and maintain a good work-life balance. As your manager plays an important role in building your career, you need to create a favorable impression to achieve recognition and success.

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How To Fight The Overqualified Label: 7 Success Strategies

Overqualified and desperate for workFinding a great job opportunity in the middle management level is no simple task. With several years of experience and credentials, you will find that opportunities are scarce and the pay is not that exciting. Moreover, you will be often told that you do not suit a particular profile because you are overqualified. Fighting the overqualified label is, therefore, a challenge for which you need to have an appropriate strategy in place.

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The Birds, Bees...And Credit?

Teenage CreditTurning 18 opens up a world of opportunity for your children. How well informed they are about new opportunities can make all the difference in their ability to make smart decisions. For many teens, opening their first credit card account is exciting. The freedom of not relying on Mom and Dad for money is alluring. However, children generally lack the foresight required to understand the long-term impact of having poor credit.

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10 Best Ways to Gain Employment & Advance in Your Career

Dr. Cassi FieldsIn an economy where barriers to workplace employment and advancement are the norm, finding and maintaining employment is more imperative than ever. It is vital for job and promotion seekers to not only know about potential job openings, but to ascertain information on skill sets, and tools needed to fulfill the position, in order to better know if they are the right candidate.

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7 Successful Interviewing Tips

Have a successful interview

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a current job seeker, having impeccable interviewing skills is necessary for success.

To ensure your interview is a success, follow these seven steps.

  1. Dress to Be Remembered - Avoid wearing the typical interview uniform, the all black suit with no personality or character. When dressing for an interview wear something that will make the interviewer remember who you are. You can dress conservatively with style. Men, wear a distinctive tie and ladies wear a scarf that will add character to your wardrobe. Look professional but avoid boring attire.

  2. Make Eye Contact - When you first meet your interviewer you have less than 30 seconds to make a first impression. The worst thing you can do is give a weak handshake and avoid eye contact. Be sure to make eye contact with the interviewer.

  3. Talk at a Steady Pace - When you are being interviewed your nerves can get the best of you and cause you to talk extremely fast. It is important that while you are being interviewed you talk at a constant pace.

  4. Know your Resume - This may seem like a no-brainer; however, not only should you know what is on your resume, you should know the details of your past experiences. For example, if you spoke with 40 customers a day at Company Y you should be able to quote that number in your interview. Also, you should have completed enough company research to answer each question with Company X’s needs in mind. This will help the interviewer see you as their future associate.

  5. Tell a Story - When you are answering interview questions be sure to tell a story. All of your answers should have a background, introduction, climax, and conclusion. Your goal is to paint a picture in their minds that will stick. (Assuming your completing a behavioral interview)

  6. Answer the Questions Asked - Be sure you are answering the question that is being asked of you. Don’t oversell your accomplishments, tell the 100% truth about your skills and abilities and allow the facts to draw them in. Always remember to show your personality. Allow them to draw conclusions about you based on what you’ve done. Be sure to give them sufficient evidence as to why you’re the perfect candidate for the position.

  7. Leave Some Collateral - Never leave the interviewer empty handed. I recommend bringing some professional collateral to leave behind. In addition to a resume I suggest creating a biography that will give the interviewer a personal look into your professional life. Leaving marketing plans that you’ve created for former clients is a great way to stand out amongst your peers. Whether you leave a spectacular resume, marketing plan, or biography never leave them empty handed. Once you leave let your professional collateral speak for you.

Ashley Kirkwood is a career consultant and chief consultant of A. Nicole Career Consulting

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