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The Systematic Approach to Landing a Job

Manage your job searchingTo take advantage of new opportunities, jobseekers should not only focus on companies that actively recruit minorities, but also develop a clear method, or re-evaluate their current method, for finding employment. One increasingly popular “system” that has helped more than 100,000 individuals find a new job is based on the concept that if you manage the job search process well, you won’t have to worry about the result.

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No Excuse To Success

President Obama at Morehouse College CommencementEvery person envisions their life similar to someone that has achieved success.  Kobe Bryant made $60 million and Bill Gates is worth $67 billion.  I will add my personal favorites Warren Buffet with his net worth of $55 billion and billionaire Bob Johnson to the list.   Which person and which field of endeavor does your mind gravitate towards?

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Raising The B.A.R. on Culturational Chemistry

Raising the bar on your personal brandBuilding a successful career requires a lot of things, and in today’s workforce, the ability to embrace and effectively integrate into a diverse organization is high on that list of requirements. It’s ultimately about building and maintaining healthy relationships. We always hear about the importance of chemistry in a relationship, but it is typically associated with romance and/or sports teams. That same chemistry that fuels a marriage or propels a sports team to dominance will also help businesses thrive. It will also help you to succeed with your personal brand.

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A Few Plays From LeBron's Playbook For Everyday Employees

Shirley A. Jones, Esq.LeBron James is unquestionably an NBA superstar.  He might not wear a cape like Laker's player Dwight Howard, but he has been dubbed "King James" for his mythical, god-like basketball skills.  In fact, there are some who think he will go down in history as a more prolific player than Michael Jordan. 

So, what makes LeBron a superstar in his NBA workplace? I believe he took the same steps that any employee can take to ensure success in the workplace.

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How To Recreate Yourself

Recreating Yourself"Re-create yourself by forging a new identity, one that commands attention and never bores the audience." -Law 46 of Robert Green's 48 Laws of Power

May definitely has its share of monthly celebrations and observances, most notably Mother’s Day and Memorial.  Although not widely observed, May is also celebrated by some as “Creative Beginnings” Month, an observance that encourages each of us to get our creative juices flowing.  And, what better creation to work on than yourself? 

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