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Ten Things You May Not Know About Black History Month

Black History MonthQuestia’s Facts Behind the February Celebration

February marks the celebration of Black History Month, a time to honor the achievements of African Americans and recognize their role in U.S. history. Throughout the month, we often read about the many men and women who’ve played an integral role in history, but how much do you know about Black History Month and how it was started? Here are ten things you may not have known about Black History Month, all found using Questia (, the premier online research tool for students.

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Diversity Game-Changer: The Consortium

The Consortium

 “There is nothing like The Consortium in American business.”

– Robert Bruner, Dean, University of Virginia Darden School of Business

In the quiet St. Louis neighborhood of DeBaliviere Place is a higher-education nonprofit that is changing the face of corporate America – literally and figuratively. It is The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, the country’s leading advocate for diversity and inclusion in American business education and practice.

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NBA Hall of Famer Performs Goodwill Magic: Earvin "Magic" Johnson

NBA Hall of Famer Performs Goodwill MagicEarvin “Magic” Johnson, is a good will hunter. He founded the Magic Johnson Foundation in 1991 to raise both money and awareness for HIV/AIDS.

Since then, this basketball wonder has turned an altruistic enterprise into a multimillion dollar network, which has allowed him to expand his mission from raising awareness on health issues, to supporting the educational and social needs of inner-city youth. By providing students with scholarships, underserved communities with computers, and nonprofit organizations with financial support to stabilize urban areas, Magic has become a staple supplier of good will.

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Dare To Do Your Best: Tiger Woods Gives Back

Tiger Woods gives back and inspires inner city kids to achieveA 10-year-old boy loses sleep for two weeks. An 11-year old girl hyperventilates, and then bursts into a cascade of happy tears. What is the cause of so much excitement? It's the opportunity to receive thoughtful, one-on-one guidance from their hero, America's top golf superstar — Tiger Woods.

Tiger's achievements are many-he is the 1997 Associated Press Athlete of the year, winner of the PGA Tour money title, and the youngest Masters Champion of all time. But despite his superstar status, Tiger, his father Earl, and their dedicated staff, feel that Tiger's most remarkable achievement as a professional is, undoubtedly, the establishment of the Tiger Woods Foundation (TWF).

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Soul of the City: Cathy Hughes' Radio Empire

Cathy Hughes' Radio EmpireEveryone loves a hero. We love old fashioned rags to riches stories about starting at the bottom and zooming straight to the top. Cathy Hughes' story is one of those. In the world of radio and business, she has built an empire and attained status of truly heroic proportions. A college drop-out who became pregnant at 16, Hughes gained 82 pounds and suffered from depression. However, her son, Alfred, became her inspiration and her motivation. Unstoppable, Hughes pushed forward, saying a prayer every morning, and behind the microphone---raising hell. She has slept nights in a sleeping bag on the station's floor and played her own LPs brought from home to fill air time, working in every aspect of radio from sales to talk show host.

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