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Bryant & Stratton College Launches New "Select and Start" Self-Study Program

Bryant & Stratton CollegeBryant & Stratton College’s Professional Skills Center Launches New Website with “Select and Start” Self-Paced Study Programs

New PSC website offers information about Bryant & Stratton College’s full suite of professional development and continuing education opportunities

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Steve Harvey's Books to Behinds Program

Steve Harvey Books To BehindsIt's 8:15 on a foggy Thursday morning in L.A., and Steve Harvey, the morning disc jockey on The Beat 100.3, is riled. His customary honey smooth Southern style drawl has turned to an evangelist's bark, full of hell fire and brimstone. Harvey is furious. "We've been to the schools ourselves," he rants, as he describes The Beat's efforts to help L.A.'s inner city schools get needed resources. "We counted the books. Some kids don't even have a book to take home. There's a problem here."

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The Ron Brown Scholar Program

Ron Brown ScholarshipIn June 2001, as tens of thousands of college students across the nation receive a handshake and a diploma, fourteen especially remarkable young people will graduate from prestigious universities like Harvard, Princeton, Duke, Stanford and MIT. These special students, the first winners of the nation's most lucrative scholarship for African Americans, are all leaders---unique because of their unusual potential to make a significant contribution to society.

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Caring Enough to Learn

Choosing To ParticipateIn 1997, the City of Little Rock hosted a commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the integration of Central High School. Many of the locals voiced discontent and suggested it was inappropriate to revisit such a chaotic period in our nation’s history. They said that good, righteous people would be embarrassed because of youthful indiscretions, that old photos would show them at their worst. Further, they contended, it was probably best to let sleeping dogs lie; it would do little good for anybody to stir up those old memories. I wondered then, as I wonder now, about the wisdom of such advice. If, in fact, the people who acted out their racist agendas in 1957 had made significant changes in their attitudes toward different others, then why not demonstrate for all of us how that had been accomplished.

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Stand and Prosper: Private Black Colleges and their Students

Stand and ProsperScattered across the deep south from Texas to Florida, a small group of distinctive institutions of higher learning have survived and prospered since the middle of the last century. Their stories tell of astounding resilience in the face of the adversity generated by this country’s legacy of slavery and segregation. Today, America’s private Black colleges stand as monuments to Black Americans’ struggle to secure access to higher education and to the development of a Black middle class.

Read more: Stand and Prosper: Private Black Colleges and their Students

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